River Carron Fishing

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Attadale owns the fishing on the River Carron from the road bridge at Strathcarron to the river mouth. Day tickets are available from Roddy MacLennan on 07818 032368.

Bob Kindness

Bob Kindness

The west coast Carron is a fairly short river of about 15 miles and is only fishable like most west coast rivers when there is sufficient water.

About eight years ago the annual salmon and sea trout catch fell dramatically. The river proprietors with the help of Bob Kindness, the then head of Seafield College in Kishorn, started a restocking programme. This consisted of catching up a few hen fish which were installed in a hatchery at Attadale. The resulting progeny were retained in the tanks as a breeding stock. Their progeny in turn were the basis for a long term restocking programme for the river. Fish were put back as fry, parr and smolts over the years.

It was agreed that all fish caught should be retained in keep nets so that Bob could decide whether to keep them for future breeding purposes or to put them back in the river having marked them. This was part of an ongoing research programme that has produced some interesting data. It is evident that about 15% of the salmon caught have been caught twice and some fish have been caught three times! There is also evidence that the fish have a better chance of recovering if they are put in the keep net and allowed to rest there rather than being released straight back in the river.


After eight years the total salmon catch for the river has averaged over 200 salmon for the last three years. The recovery in mature sea trout numbers has been less successful in spite of the large numbers released into the river. This suggests that there is a problem with the food chain at sea.

With the closure of Seafield College, part of Inverness College and the University of the Highlands, the proprietors are determined to continue to support Bob in his work. They are funding him for two years whilst they try and source proper funding for what is an important research programme in relation to wild salmon and sea trout on the west coast of the Highlands.


2016 Update by Bob Kindness

In recent years the 5-year average rod catch for salmon for the river has exceeded 300 and in both 2010 and 2012 the salmon catch was over 400. The 10-year average for salmon is currently 252. Sea trout catches have also improved and in 3 consecutive recent years fell just short of 200.

Also worth mentioning from the Attadale point of view is that excellent numbers of finnock are caught each year in the lower pools of the river.

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In the Press

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Multi-captures of Rod Caught Salmon on the River Carron

The article was written by Bob Kindness and published in the January 2010 issue of Trout & Salmon Magazine.

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