Corbetts Walk

Beinn Dronaig is one of the numerous Corbetts in Scotland. A Corbett is a free standing mountain over 2500ft .

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Beinn Dronaig is situated not only in the heart of Attadale, but also in the heart of deer country. Therefore we would ask walkers to follow the route indicated on the map found in the walkers car park in order to minimise disturbance to the deer. This route is also the most direct way up and possibly the easiest! The route follows the Calavie track up to its highest point GR (035395). From there it begins its ascent of Beinn Dronaig around the cliffs to the summit GR (038382). Please return the same way. A concrete pillar marks the summit. Please refer to the red and blue routes on the map below.

Views from the summit are magnificent with Loch Monar and the two Munros to the east and north and the river Ling winding its way towards Dornie to the south and west.  

Munros Walk

Three of us recently visited your beautiful estate on Mayday weekend by way of a bothy tour to Bearnais, Maol Bhuidhe and Beinn Dronaig Lodge Bothy. We had a mixed bag of weather over the three days with glorious sunshine competing with wind and rain. We were so glad of Beinn Dronaig Bothy with the great supply of wood left by the estate which enabled us to dry our kit out before walking out. Many thanks for making this available. As we are responsible walkers/bothy goers, we don’t take it for granted.
May 2015

— Joyce Low, Keir Gordon, John MacDonald (NCR Climbing and Hillwalking Club, Dundee)

Attadale has two Munros within its boundaries, Lurg Mhor (986m,3235ft) and Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich (945m,3100ft). Due to the long walk/cycle in, they are regarded as two of the most inaccessible in Scotland.

Although in close proximity, both the summits are completely different. Bidein has a rounded narrow rocky summit making it a bit of a scramble, while Lurg Mhor has a much more terraced approach with a wide flat top. Both give fantastic views down into Monar, with much of the north facing slopes being almost sheer

For those wishing to 'bag' the disputed Meall Mhor  (974m, 3196ft), the best route to follow is along the top (certain parts require a scramble). Please return the same way. This stops you having to lose a lot of height and it also prevents disturbance to the deer that tend to use the corries as a safe haven in summer for themselves and their young.


The best way to attack the summits is by following the ridge up Sail Riabhach to its summit GR (038404). From there follow the top along to the last steep ascent to Bidein. To reach Lurg Mhor, drop down into the saddle between Bidein and Lurg Mhor GR (054406) and follow the northern edge to the summit. Return to the saddle and drop down the stream that flows into the western edge of Loch Calavie GR (054404). This takes you down onto the track back to Beinn Dronaig. Please refer to the red and green routes on the map below.

All grid references on these walks relate to the OS Map-Glen Carron, Sheet 25, 1:50 000.

This shows the preferred routings