Sophie Macpherson (1957-2014)

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Sophie Macpherson on 18 November 2014. She is survived by a son Tom Brett and daughter Katy Brett.

Artist biography

Sophie Macpherson was born in 1957. Daughter of a portrait artist, Sophie has always found painting the most satisfying means of self-expression. Having completed her art foundation course at St Martin's, she attended Camberwell College of Art where she became inspired by the industrial landscape of London. 

Immediately after art school, Sophie travelled extensively, visiting and painting scenes of New York, Pakistan and Chile. The practical ties of family life curtailed these trips and for many years she has concentrated on the landscape around her family home Attadale, on the west coast of Scotland. Cornwall, Normandy and Italy have also stirred the artist's imagination. 

Sophie's work is rooted in the English painting tradition of the 1920s and 1930s and is particularly reminiscent of paintings by Nash and Wadsworth of this period. She focuses largely on maritime scenes which are mostly executed in subdued colours. 

Reflecting on her inspiration, the artist comments:

'I think first and foremost it is the 'spirit' of the place, the inorganic man-made object contrasting with the organic forms of land and sea - alfresco still life as it has been described.' 

Collections Include:

Charterhouse Bank
McKinsey & Co
Barclays Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Misys plc
Robert Fleming Holdings
The Bank of America Trust Co, Jersey