As with the rest of the Highlands, deer are an integral part of Attadale. The main species found on Attadale is the Red Deer. They can be found anywhere on the estate, from the highest peak down to sea level on the shores of Loch Carron. A few of the more delicate roe deer can also be found in the forestry blocks lower down on the estate.

The non-native Sika deer, which is rapidly spreading across Scotland, put in an occasional appearance. Like the Roe deer they tend to be much more reclusive than the Red deer and stick to the forested areas.

The summer population of Red deer is approximately 900 hinds, 500 calves and 400 stags. In the summer the deer tend to graze far inland on the estate, although some of the stags can be seen low down in the late evenings. In winter the population increases as the deer draw in from surrounding higher land to the relative shelter of Attadale. Deer can then be seen all over the estate and the stags in particular, are common all the way up the hill road and right down beside the holiday cottages.

Stalking takes place on the estate from the start of September through to the middle of February. Unlike many estates, there is no let stalking on Attadale. All the guests that go out during the stag stalking season are friends and family. The estate stalker undertakes all the culling during the hind season.